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"Life is sweet..."

Sweetsketch Studios celebrates the rites of passage of ordinary people – their birth, first words, first steps, graduation, marriage, first home, retirement, and even their eventual passing.

We believe that life’s milestones, whether occasions of joy or clouded by pain and grieving, are worthy of celebration. We create professionally produced portraits of people’s most significant life events – stories in words and pictures – that communicate to ourselves and others the importance of life on earth. We produce these portraits in a variety of electronic and traditional media.

Most often portraiture is accomplished with a camera or paintbrush. We create our portraits using our hearts, heads, vocabulary and our passion for elegance and beauty.

Our most recent project is Soul Sketches, a service offered through quality funeral homes to create portraits, in words and pictures, of deceased loved ones. Soon we will branch out along the tree of life to other rites of passage that provoke joy, sorrow, memories and love.

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